Our Mission

Proclaim the Gospel.
Build Connections.
Worship God.
Strengthen Families.
Serve Others.
Teach the Word.  
Develop Disciples.
We do this to continue the work of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

Transform the community and our world one life at a time by communicate the teaching of Christ.
Revitalize our congregation through fellowship and activities to grow a vital church.
Inspire individuals to be more like Christ through prayer and worship.
Nurture our congregation and community who are in need of care and comfort as they endure trying times.
Improve the world around us by pursuing justice, equality, compassion, and mercy.
Teach the Word of God to our congregation and our community so they may deepen their understanding of   

     God's grace and experience spiritual renewal.
Yield to the will of God in active pursuit of a grace-filled life of holiness and leadership.