The Scholarship Award

Trinity United Methodist Church in Emmitsburg, MD awards up to three scholarships annually to Emmitsburg area college students or college-bound students who exhibit a strong Christian faith manifested in service to others. These are the Trinity United Methodist Church - Jay C. Long Faith and Service Scholarships (two $2,000 awards) and the Trinity United Methodist Church Jay C. Long Agriculture Scholarship (one $2,000 award annually).


  1. Citizenship: Applicants must be a citizen of the United States.
  2. Residency: Applicants must be a legal resident of one of the following zip codes.
    1. Maryland zip codes - 21727, 21788, 21778, or 21780
    2. Pennsylvania zip code 17320
  3. Age: Applicants must be under 23 years prior to the deadline date
  4. Senior Standing or College Enrolled: at the time of application, applicants must be a high school senior or college enrollee.
    1. A high school senior (public, private, or home schooled) and accepted into a regionally-accredited, not-for-profit post-secondary institution (4-yr or 2-yr), including public or private college/university, post-secondary vocational school, or post-secondary technical school[1].
    2. First-, second-, or third-year undergraduate enrolled in a regionally-accredited, not-for-profit post-secondary institution (4-yr or 2-yr) and planning to enroll the following year.
  5. GPA: applicants for an initial scholarship or a renewal scholarship must earn and maintain a cumulative, unweighted minimum GPA of 2.5 (out of 4.0).
  6. Scholarship Renewal: an individual may receive a scholarship up to 4 times. For scholarship renewal consideration, applicants must submit a complete application each year the award renewal is sought (residency requirement pertains to permanent residence rather than college residence).
  7. Preference: The TUMC Scholarship Committee may give preference for one scholarship to full and active members of Trinity United Methodist Church in Emmitsburg, MD.

[1]Post-secondary institutions that are not regionally accredited or are for-profit are not eligible for this scholarship.

Selection Criteria

Successful applicants for The Jay C. Long Faith and Service Scholarship are those who show a strong commitment to improving the lives of those in their community and in the wider world. Given that the faith that inspires service to others can take many forms, the applicant must show how he/she meets the following selection criteria:


  • Commitment to Faith: involvement in religious or other faith based organizations, inspiring recommendation by pastor, chaplain, or faith-based leader.
  • Service to Others: specific evidence of volunteer service at the community, regional, national, or international level.
  • Leadership: demonstrate the ability to organize and positively influence others in and out of school
  • Academic Success: strong academic record, academic awards and honors, and positive recommendation by educator.

How to Apply

A complete application package includes:

  1. Completed* Scholarship Application Form (get a blank form here)
  2. Scholarship Essay:
    1. The essay must emphasize the applicant’s commitment to faith inspired service to others
    2. No more than 500 words. 
  3. Two Letters of Recommendation: one of which affirms the applicant’s commitment to faith and service (must be sent directly to xxxxxxx from the letter writer).
    1. Pastor, Campus Chaplain, or Mentor.
    2. High School teacher (not guidance counselor) or University Professor.
  4. Transcript: Official or unofficial acceptable, letterhead required (maybe enclosed with application or sent under separate cover).
  5. Verification of Residency: Verification of residency can be met by enclosing one of the following (copies acceptable):
    1. Voter registration
    2. Driver’s license
    3. Government issued (US or state) photo ID
    4. Notarized affidavit of residency
    5. Utility bill (utility must be in name of applicant and within 2 months of application submission)

*incomplete applications will not be considered and will not be returned.

Submission Deadline

Applications will be accepted between March 15 and April 15 of each year.


The application form and all supporting material must be postmarked no later than 15 April  for consideration. Application materials postmarked after the deadline will not be considered.


All application materials must be mailed to the following address: xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Award Notification

Successful applicants will be notified in writing of the award no later than 30 May.  Awardees must formally accept the scholarship in writing within two weeks of the notification letter’s postmark.

Award Disbursement

Scholarship awardees will be invited to attend a ceremony at Trinity United Methodist Church.


Scholarship funds will be disbursed to awardees on or after 1 September providing the following conditions have been met:

  1. The scholarship awardee has provided written acceptance of the scholarship.

  2. Verification of Enrollment has been submitted and received by The Trinity United Methodist Church Scholarship Committee.  The verification of enrollment requirement is met by submitting one (1) of the following:

    1. A tuition-paid receipt (a copy is acceptable) on University letterhead and signed by a university official,

      A letter from the registrar’s office on university letterhead signed by the registrar or his/her designee from the university register's office stating that the student is enrolled at the post-secondary institution

      A letter from a university official (e.g., Department Chair, Dean, or Provost) on university letterhead signed by the University official stating that the student is enrolled at the post-secondary institution.applica

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